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How children can learn to program

Dear children and parents!

On this page you will find all the information so that children can get into the subject of programming in a playful way.

There are a few basic requirements, but you should get along well with that. After the prerequisites I will show you the possibilities to learn programming - programming homework . There are countless ways to get into the programming world, I would like to introduce you to the most cost-effective variants.

How children learn

Teaching children something is actually not that difficult, unless you make it boring and wrong. If you can arouse interest and curiosity in the child and then present the topics playfully and visually, then the child can learn everything.

Do the following exercise at home:

Mom or Dad stand against a wall in the room.

The child is given the task of programming mum or dad and the goal is to guide the adult to the next wall (I advise against being blindfolded depending on the child).

The exercise is done with only three commands:

  1. straight
  2. turn left
  3. turn right

Once you have done this exercise, the child has learned the most important basics in programming.

Namely the sequence structure, which specifies that one command is always executed one after the other. Such exercises actually exist for every basic element of modern programming languages.

Levels / levels of maturity / prior knowledge

As far as previous knowledge is concerned, the child should be able to read / write and the basic arithmetic operations, i.e. plus, minus, times and divided up to 100 or better up to 1000.

This is the absolute basic requirement for the child to program at the computer - domyhomeworkclub , otherwise the fun will end pretty quickly. So I can recommend starting in the 2nd or 3rd grade (from 7 years).

The child will have to read, arithmetic and think logically at the same time, so a lot of concentration and patience is necessary. You can only do that if the child is really interested in the topic - php homework help online . Once you have aroused interest, new topics will quickly arise and parents should be prepared for them.

Topics such as the coordinate system with x and y as well as variables, calculating with terms or, as children like to say, "calculating with letters", can be requested after the first few hours.

The child should definitely not be lazy to learn, because they will learn new things in programming on a daily basis. Once the child has learned how to obtain such information themselves (e.g. by googling the Internet or in specialist books), the learning rocket can no longer be stopped.

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